A “brush” with the law

HowardFlowerBoxA store owner called the cops on me today while I was painting a mural at The Commercial Center District in Las Vegas, said I was a tagger! In broad daylight, with painting tarp and supplies, not a spray can in sight. Cops were cool, one even asked my rates. I offered him a business card (though he couldn’t take it while on duty).

I’ve been painting electrical boxes, dumpsters and pillars at the Commercial Center for the past few years as part of a beautification project at the shopping center. Murals are known to deter taggers and vandalism. The wall I was painting today used to be covered in graffiti, but was painted white so that I could add an ocean scene. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far. I guess some people would rather stare at a blank wall than art.

3 thoughts on “A “brush” with the law

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  2. Well the picture of the mural in display is very beautiful ! I wonder what kind of look the store owner must be having on seeing cops asking you for your rates!

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